Innovative Semiconductor Test Cell Solutions.

Welcome to Factory Automation Tools

We are a software company specializing in semiconductor manufacturing & test automation solutions. We provide factory tool integration services and custom applications to fit your specific factory needs. Wafer-Sort or Package-Level Test Applications are our specialty.

Consulting & Custom Software Solutions
On-site factory custom support for a variety of FAB and Test equipment. GEM/SECS/HSMS custom programming for FAB or Test equipment. Custom GPIB drivers for machine control. Equipment performance reporting (EI)  & custom tool integration applications.


Provide Low-Cost Test Solutions to the Semiconductor Test Industry
Factory Automaton Tools was founded to support the semiconductor test industry with low-cost integration solutions. By nature, the semiconductor test process requires wide variety of equipment and manufacturing systems, thus complicating the manufacturing process. Our first charter is to solve these complex problems by providing software solutions that virtually eliminate the differences between tools by creating standard interfaces for a variety of manufacturing equipment.

Support Manufacturers and Customers
We are committed to providing excellent support for all our tools and custom solutions that we provide for each factory. Onsite support is available where required.

Provide Custom Solutions
In addition to our standard products, we also provide contract services for customers requiring special solutions. Manufacturing tool integration services are our specialty. If you need custom drivers or applications to integrate your tools into your factory, we can help.

Consulting and Recommendations
With over 15 years experience in the semiconductor test industry, our specialists can provide consulting services and recommend strategies. In addition we can provide contract services to implement any solution or recommendations. Please contact us concerning any specific factory needs you may have.